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Discover the surprising benefits of applying Plastic Varnish!
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7 Benefits of Using Plastic Varnish You Didn’t Know About

By now, you probably already know how amazing plastic varnish is at transforming the look of surfaces. But guess what? There’s even more to get excited about! This incredible product does so much more than improve aesthetics. It brings a whole range of benefits that will blow you away. From unbeatable protection to hassle-free maintenance, plastic varnish has it all. 

Here are some benefits of using plastic varnish that you might not know about.

  1. Easy Application

Plastic varnish is relatively easy to apply, whether by brush, spray, or other methods. It dries quickly, allowing for multiple coats to be applied within a short period of time. It also provides a smooth and even finish when properly applied.

  1. Durable Finishing

Plastic varnish provides a highly durable and robust finish. It forms a hard, protective layer that resists scratches, abrasion, and general wear and tear. 

  1. Quick Dry Application

Plastic varnishes often have a rapid drying time, enabling efficient application and minimizing the waiting period between coats. This time-saving feature allows for a smoother and more streamlined workflow when applying multiple coats of varnish. 

With faster drying times, projects can be completed in a shorter time frame, making plastic varnish a convenient choice for those seeking efficient and timely finishing results.

  1. Convenient Cleaning Time

Bid farewell to laborious cleaning routines and welcome a world of simplicity. With plastic varnish, maintenance becomes a breeze, requiring only a quick wipe to restore your surfaces to their new state.

When you apply plastic varnish to wood, you create a seal that effectively protects its surface. Wood contains pores that can provide a favorable environment for bacteria to thrive. By varnishing the wood, you establish a protective barrier that minimizes the chances of dirt buildup. 

  1. Enhances Wood Appearance

Plastic varnish does not alter wood appearance; it enhances and enriches the wood even more. When you apply plastic varnish over wood surfaces, it acts as a protective layer that preserves and highlights the original grain and wood finish. It also gives a glossy finish in your wooden projects. This could result in a more vibrant appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the wood surface. 

  1. DIY Friendly

Plastic varnish brands offer different options for DIY enthusiasts. Some of their products are available in different shades. This versatility in color selection expands the creative possibilities for finishing furniture or other surfaces. 

Whether it’s a vibrant pop of color or a subtle and sophisticated tone, the color options empower individuals to bring their creative vision to life. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for those who enjoy experimenting with different design styles or who wish to add a unique touch to their furniture or decor.

  1. Prolonged Lifespan of Wood

Plastic varnish is an excellent option for sealing wood. When applied to wood surfaces, plastic varnish forms a protective layer that shields the wood from dust, moisture, and other potential damage.

Sealing wood items with plastic varnish prolongs their shelf life. The plastic varnish creates a barrier that helps prevent surface degradation, ensuring the wood remains well protected over time.

Unparalleled Results with Premium Plastic Varnish

Now that you’ve discovered the various benefits of plastic varnish, it’s time to bring them to life in your projects. But remember, when choosing a varnish, opt for high-quality options that deliver exceptional results. Give your projects the care and attention they deserve with the help of GI Plastic Varnish.

GI Plastic Varnish is a superior preservation and topcoat solution, carefully formulated with a blend of natural grade-resins and solvents. This fast-drying varnish offers excellent adhesion and creates a glossy coating for various surfaces. The best part? It is ready for immediate application, allowing you to proceed with your projects without delay.


Choose from a range of appealing colors, including Brown, Maple, Walnut, Natural, Yellow, Mahogany, Oak, and Red.


You can opt for a 375cc flat bottle or a 200L drum. For the natural variant, an 18L rectangular can is also available.


GI Plastic Varnish can be used for wood products, such as furniture, doors, cabinets, fixtures, fittings, and more. It helps preserve the quality and longevity of wood and woodcraft. 


Achieve a beautiful glossy finish with GI Plastic Varnish.

Drying Time

This varnish dries quickly, allowing for recoating in 1-2 hours.


Enjoy a generous coverage of approximately 8-12 square meters per liter, making it a cost-effective choice for your projects.


Please note that GI Plastic Varnish is flammable. To ensure safety, keep it away from heat and open flame. Secure the container when not in use and store it out of children’s reach.

If you’re eager to learn the proper application of plastic varnish or discover valuable insights for your projects, check out Island Chemical’s website. It offers a wealth of information on chemical products and services. Explore their website to gain valuable knowledge and tips.

At Island Chemical, they understand the importance of customer support. Their experts are committed to providing the best guidance and assistance possible. Whether you have questions, need recommendations, or require assistance, you can rely on their expertise. Visit their website today!

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