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chemical and wood coatings

Chemicals and Wood Coatings

Staining wood is great for aesthetic value but applying a finish is essential to protect surfaces from drying, cracking, and deteriorating. Click to discover a superb range of chemicals like paint thinners for thinning oil-based paints, as well as finishing products for preserving and protecting wood surfaces.

island chemical paints story and history

Our Story: Treasure Island Industrial Corporation

Over six decades of pushing the boundaries of paint, chemical and packaging production in the local construction industry. From studios to skyscrapers, Treasure Island’s commitment to innovation and excellence has made it a household name in construction needs across the country.

Our Products

Whether it’s industrial, residential, or commercial, successful projects always start with the right materials. Discover Treasure Island Chemicals’ range of products to find the perfect solutions for your DIY and building projects.

About Island Chemicals

Known for its comprehensive range of quality solvent products for houses and automobiles, Treasure Island Chemicals is the maker of Island Premium Paints, a premier paint brand under Treasure Island Corporation.

In Treasure Island, we adapt, we innovate, and we are passionate in our commitment to serve you. We value and uphold integrity, mutual trust, and respect for others.

Decorating Tips

Looking for inspiration for your next home project? Good thing we love to inspire here at Treasure Island Chemicals. We’ve rounded up the best color and design inspirations, plus product guides and project walkthroughs to give you the best results every time.

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