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best accent wall ideas for bedroom
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Accent Wall Ideas: The Dos and Donts

Thinking of infusing a bit of design drama in your room? An accent wall could well be the answer.  Properly executed, accent walls make an interesting eye candy to any area. They add excitement to a living space given the right color, material, and design.

What is an accent wall?

An accent wall is like a “breaker” interior or exterior wall that deviates from the color, design, or material of the other walls surrounding it. It’s meant to put “accent” in a room and make it the focal point of all walls in any given space. 

Accent walls are popular and are relatively fun to create, but you need to be mindful of a few basics before rolling up your sleeves and creating one. Keep that excitement as we give you some do’s and donts.

  • DON’T just pick any wall as your accent wall. 
    The reason why you’re having an accent wall is to highlight a particular area in your room. So plan first and think what corner needs to be accentuated. Focus on areas that have architectural features like windows or those that already have textures like brick walls with mounted tv or a bedroom headboard. 
  • DON’T put an accent wall on an already busy room.
    Examine if there are already too many elements going on in a room. Visual clutter can overwhelm the eyes and adding an accent wall may just add to it. Consider putting an accent wall to a less busy room. 
  • DON’T be scared to use bold colors.
    With so many colors available to play around with, don’t be scared to try on the bright and bold hues. So long as your accent wall’s new bold color is aesthetically in place and has the correct coords with the rest of the walls, then you’re off to a great start. 
  • DON’T be limited by just using colors to highlight your wall.
    Aside from paint, know that there are many ways to add a pop to your accent wall. Ever considered some nice shelvings on walls of rooms that lack storage? How about having a stone or a brick wall as your room’s focal point? A gallery of photos or a collection of unique artwork also make for an interesting design for your accent wall. 
  • DO think beyond the conventional.
    You can play around with paint but you can also explore beyond the usual repaint routines that simply cover a wall. How else can you be creative with paints? Stripes? Swirls? Interesting graphics? How about using metallics as a power accent to a bare wall? You can also extend your paint–- from your accent wall going to the ceiling using subtle colors to give it a smooth transition. The options are endless. 
  • DO maximize the function of  your accent wall.
    Aside from popping some drama and design to an otherwise monotonous space, accent walls can also function as a divider between two areas of a house. Think having a nice accent wall that separates your dining area and living room. Accent walls can also “balance” the energy of a certain area. That gives you cool colors for the sleeping quarters and warm, inviting hues for the dining area. 
  • DO consider your other wall’s colors.
    Of course you can pick any color that you fancy, but take into consideration as well, the color of the other walls. Everything is about balance and tempered contrast. Accent walls work best when they adjoin walls in a light to medium shade. For an all-white room, go for mid-tone paints, avoiding colors that are too bright and glaring. This is to subtly “bridge the difference” in your wall palette. If you want to have a strong color for your accent wall, balance it out by having neutrals around it. Opt for beige or light gray,    
  • DO bear in mind that paint is an easy, practical way of highlighting a wall.
    Aside from a palette of colors that you can readily choose from and the many possible design ideas that come with it, paints are easy to “redo”, should you wish to change your design, improve it, or come up with a new one. Just choose a quality paint with good adhesion. 
  • DO use a quality paint remover when you decide to redo a design or give your accent wall an entirely new look.
    This ensures faster work with less mess, plus added protection for your wall. Use GI Paint remover. Formulated to give you ease and mess-free work, this product is ideal for commercial and residential use. 

    Breathe color and energy into your living space. Start with an interesting accent wall color. Use Island Paints Prima, an acrylic, water-based paint ideal for interior and exterior wall painting. It lasts long and has a good adhesion on most surfaces. Choose from a wide selection of colors suited for your living space.




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