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GI Paint and Varnish Remover

Cleaning Agent, Remover

GI PAINT AND VARNISH REMOVER is a Methylene Chloride-based paint and varnish remover. Upon application, the paint or varnish film starts to bubble, wrinkle, softens and detach from the surface. It comes in thick fluid and
conveniently applied even on vertical and upright surfaces. Ideally used as a preparation when making a renovation or a restoration.


Allow 5 – 15 minutes reaction time after application. When necessary, scratch the old
coating with a knife after application to enhance softening and penetration. With the aid
of a scraper or putty knife, the softened film will easily be removed.

Approximately 8 –10 sq. m. / gal, depending on the type of paint / varnish to be removed.

• May cause chemical burns and permanent injury and scarring.
• When handling this product wear facemask, gloves and protective clothing.
• Keep out of the reach of children.

350cc bottle, 3.75L rectangular can


  • Stripping layers of Paint in Wood, Concrete and Metal Surfaces
  • Removing Varnish in Wood Surfaces.
  • Cleaning Paint and Varnish spill and spots.
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