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Lacquer Flo: The Paint Additive You Never Knew You Needed

Lacquer: A timeless style When we say lacquer is a timeless style, we really do mean it. Dating back to ancient Japanese and Chinese civilizations, lacquer techniques caught the attention of Europeans sometime in the late 16th century. Upon seeing the uniqueness of the technique, they started commissioning lacquered decorative…


Ideas for a Weekend Project with Clear Gloss Lacquer

Clear gloss lacquer is one of those hardware items that may come across as advanced or too technical especially to those who are new to doing hands-on home improvement. But once you learn and understand what it’s for, you’ll find that it’s easy to use, and that it’s the DIY…


Paint Thinner 101: Uses & Applications

Paint thinner is a must-have substance during oil-based paint applications. It is formulated to reduce paint viscosity which is the thickness, stickiness, and tackiness of paint. It can be used to remove paint from a variety of surfaces, including metal and wood, plus it has other uses that come in…